Listen to ÀLÙBÁRÍKÀ WOMAN by DappyG

Listen to ÀLÙBÁRÍKÀ WOMAN by DappyG
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DJ Irawo


Drum Jamming Ìràwọ̀ is a singer, drummer, songwriter and disc jockey.


Her major musical instrument is the Gángan Talking Drum which originates from the Yorùbá tribe of Western Nigeria.


She sings in English and Yorùbá languages and in the folk and electronic dance music (EDM) genres of music. She calls her brand of music ECLECTICA.


As a DJ, she performs all genres of music.


She performs her talking drum in a solo performance or along with her live DJ set or with a live band.  


She started drumming on tabletops, wardrobe doors and conga drums when she was ten years old and in boarding school.


In 1994, she joined the drumline of the Boys Brigade of Nigeria and majored in the snare drums.


In 2004, she graduated from Ọlábísí Ọ̀nábánjọ University, Àgọ́-Ìwòyè, Ọ̀gùn State with a second upper division in accounting. In addition, she has two diplomas and professional certifications in accounting. She worked as a marketer and the head of internal audit for some financial institutions before focusing on her music career.


In 2005, she began her music career professionally after her mother taught her how to play the talking drums. She learnt more about the art from other talking drummers.


In 2007, she was awarded a scholarship to study music at the PEFTI Film Institute, Lagos. She majored in the drum set and graduated with distinction.


In 2009, she registered with the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) as a songwriter. She provided music therapy for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria. 


She learnt how to play the violin at the Baptist Church Music Camp and Music School.


In 2010, she founded Drumline Entertainment.


In 2012, she wrote the book: HOW TO PLAY THE TALKING DRUM IN SEVEN DAYS. She organized her first talking drum workshop. She won the Christmas Magic Contest in a charity concert organized by the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) and the Art Colony International by performing classical and jazz music compositions. She competed with a pianist, a violinist, a tenor singer and a quartet of clarinettists. She also earned a certificate in entrepreneurship from the Edge Business School, Lagos.


In 2014, she was made a Talking Drum Ambassador by Intro Afrika, organizers of the Yoruba Drum Festival.


In 2015, she was selected as one of the six Nigerian DJs to tour Lagos and Abuja to introduce the electronic dance music genre of music into Nigeria via the Electronic Soundscape Music Production and Live DJ Set Project. These events were sponsored by Goethe Institut, Lagos, Alliance France, Lagos and Institut France, Abuja, Nigeria. DJ Ìràwọ̀ was the only female DJ on this project.


In 2018, she earned a certificate in intellectual property law from Harvard Law School, USA. She also earned a certificate in Prince2 Project Management from Agile P3 Consulting, Lagos. She was also given an award by the Mo-Rainbow Down Syndrome Foundation for the music therapy provided for the pupils of the institution.


On June 28, 2022, she was bestowed with the title of Àyàn Àgalú Amazon by the Ọọ̀ni of Ilé Ifẹ̀, Ọba Adéyẹyè Ẹnitàn Ogúnwùsì (Ọjájá II) at the Ọọ̀ni's palace shortly before the Àyàn Àgalú Festival, 2022.


In January 2023, Drumline Entertainment became DJÌràwọ̀.Com to render her music, writing, teaching and consulting services on a personal level.


DJ Ìràwọ̀ has performed at several jazz festivals, art festivals, drum festivals, music concerts, club raves, musical theatre performances, corporate and private events.


She has also taught several children, teenagers, youths and adults, different subjects such as music, fine art, writing, literature in English, mathematics, business, law, accounting, Yorùbá language, talking drums and the music business.


She is working on her thirteen-track debut album which will be released as soon as possible.



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People ask me why I am not out there like I ought to be since I have been performing for a long time.

Well, shit happens. 

My marital mistake got me into this deep mess. 


He wanted me to continue with my 9 to 5 job so that he would know where I was at every point in time. 

Even when I did these jobs, I changed jobs frequently because of him.

So, I resigned completely to focus on my music. Then he asked me to choose between him and my music and of course, I chose my beloved music and fought him for the custody of our three children.

Initially, he pretended to be supportive at the beginning of our fourteen years of marriage but time revealed that he is the greatest enemy of my destiny. 

My enemies can only delay the hands of my ticking clock but they can never delay the shinning of my star. - DJ Ìràwọ̀ (Talking Drum Ambassador; Talking Drum Magician; Talking Amazon; 5DJ).

Also, I could not cope with caring for our three children with performing music which entails that I keep late nights and travel often. So, I took time to care for them. 

With two of them in higher institutions, I am back to my music-performing career.

So, I begin again; slowly, steadily but surely.

Below are some of my videos, blog and newspaper interviews.

Note that anywhere I mentioned that he supported me is all lies. 

The lies were just to encourage him to support me back then to keep a 'happy home' because I knew that the narcissist that I was married to would read my interviews to pick at the 'loopholes'.

Now, I am free to shine my light on the world without restrictions and inhibitions.💪


'Ọkọ̀ mi máà ń tẹ̀lé mi lọ rehearsal Onílù ká tó gbéyàwó àmọ́ bí mo ṣe kó wọlé tán báyìí, ó di nǹkan míì...' - BBC Yoruba Interview


AN INTERVIEW WITH DJ IRAWO Episode One (Now known as Shine with DJ Irawo: Growth Chat)

How I Almost Committed Suicide

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  1. DJ Irawo: My Passion for the Talking Drum (2016)

  2. How I use the Talking Drum to Play Jazz (2015)
  3. Irawo the Talking Drummer  (2015)

  4. I Studied Accountancy by Music is My Calling (2014)

  5. The Magic This Time (2012)

  6. I left Accounting to become a Drummer (2009)

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