Listen to ÀLÙBÁRÍKÀ WOMAN by DappyG

Listen to ÀLÙBÁRÍKÀ WOMAN by DappyG
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Yorùbá Consulting


My name is Ìràwọ̀ Ọlúwakẹ́mi Fáḿùgbódé AKA DJ Ìràwọ̀.

I am known on Facebook as Ìràwọ̀ Drummer. 


My Yorùbá pupils and students call me Ìyálóde Ìràwọ̀


As a Yorùbá teacher, my primary focus is on introducing my pupils and students to the Yorùbá language by helping them to understand the tonal marks which will enable them to speak, read and write in Yorùbá.


My Yorùbá classes are not only for those in the Diaspora. 


For pupils and students in Nigerian primary and secondary schools, my classes will help you to understand what you are taught in school better. This will enable you to pass your Yorùbá class tests, school examinations and external examinations like WAEC/BECE and WAEC/SSCE.


I am passionate about the Yorùbá language.


I am passionate about the various components of the Yorùbá language such as art, music, drums, dance, food, fashion, culture, books, film, tourism, etc. 


I am thrilled at how far the Yorùbá language has gone around the world under the umbrella of the Afrobeats genre of music.


I am in love with the sound of the Yorùbá Talking Drums, especially the Gángan Talking Drum.


The Gángan originates from the Dùndún family of drums. I play this family of drums.


In addition, I play the Bàtá and ákárà family of drums. 


I also play non-Yorùbá families of drums such as Djembe, Ekwe, Slap Top Cajon Box Drum, Kettle Drum, Drums Set and anything drummable.


Also, I translate books from Yorùbá to the English language and vice versa.


Register for my Yorùbá Classes @ 2 Hours per Class below:


Group Classes 

$70/Person/Once a Week for a Month

$110/Person/Twice a Week for a Month

Bespoke Classes

From $100.


For more information, contact me on +234-706 -5555-786

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