Tuesday 11 April 2023


Now that I have heard from both sides, let me share the ELEVEN lessons that I have learnt from this brouhaha:

1. Friendship should not be forced on anyone. 

It is not a compulsory union.

2. Everyone is not and cannot be your friend. 

A friend is supposed to have your back always. 

A friend tells you as it is. 

A friend will not chop your money but will give you more money to support you and your family and even your business.

A friend takes a bullet for you. 

Come rain or shine, a friend remains with you till death.

3. Learn how to classify people into categories such as:

a. Friend

b. Colleague

c. Neighbour

d. Classmate

e. Client

f . Customer

g. Church Member

h  Acquittance: Everyone that you know that does not fall into a definite category will fall under this group. 

4. People who lack empathy and emotional intelligence cannot be your friend but they can still be your colleague, neighbour and acquittance.

5. People who lack work ethics use a silly excuse of no friendship to boost their lack of common sense,  empathy and professionalism. 

6. In this entertainment industry, everybody is not your friend.

7. In this entertainment industry, humility and sentiments do not pay because your colleagues and even your clients will use you as a doormat and later as a ladder to achieve their goals to get to the top.  

8. People fail to distinguish between one's character and their talents. 

I do not have to like you to employ your services. 

You could have the most terrible character but you are the best Master of Ceremony for my wedding. 

I will employ you and manage your excesses as long as you do the job better than other people in your industry and I can afford your service. 

I do not believe in sentiments. 

So, you do the job better, I hire you. 

Outside of our work mode, you try rubbish with me and I finish you. 

9. In this entertainment industry, always have a written agreement for all your dealings with people. 


..... because even some supposedly legal luminaries like Magnus do not have common sense. 

10. In this entertainment industry, be firm, confident, truthful, hardworking, thankful, appreciative, kind, focused and professional.

11. People say forgive and forget. 

I say, forgive (if you want and if you can) but never forget.

So, that whatever incident brought you to that state in the first instance will not repeat itself. 

Once bitten, twice (one million times) shy. 

Until a matter is resolved, people, especially the victim, never forget.  

So, do not bully people to forgive and forget. 

It is their choice and call to do so. 

Do not nullify or simplify what causes them anxiety or grief. 

You are only adding to their pain. 

So, if it takes fifty years to address their grief, those fifty years are worth it. 

Until you walk in a person's shoes, you will never know their pain. 




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