Friday 9 June 2023


Whether the story of Mercy Chinwo charging 10m to minister is true or false or she was simply used as an example by a pastor, the problem of shortchanging gospel musicians is a real problem because I experienced it when I used to be a gospel musician.

So, this problem is focused on an existing and recurring problem.

It is the reason why gospel musicians like Tope Alabi, Midnight Crew (when they existed), Lara George and a host of other gospel musicians stopped waiting to be given an honourarium by a church but demanded their ministration fees upfront before showing up at any church.

In two churches that I used to attend, the pastor dragged Midnight Crew and Infinity for demanding for ministration fees before showing up.

I guess I was also dragged by these pastors too after I left their churches after the non-payment of my music fees because am I not supposed to be using my talent for God? Is art worth paying for?

Boya na ona buy my drum for me abi na ona go repair am for me if e burst abi na leg I go take waka go house abi I no go chop, wear beta klot.

Nigerian churches dey fi ìlọ̀kulọ̀ lọ̀'yàn!

For your party, you can pay secular musicians like Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, King Sunny Ade, KWAM 1, etc. N20M and perform and spray them in dollars, pounds and yen in addition as they perform.....

.......but paying a gospel musician 10M to minister is giving you diarrhea of the mouth and stomach.

Let the Gospel Music versus Secular Music war begin as I laugh in a biblical way! 😄
Let the congregation be poor.

It does not concern the musician.

..... because even if you give each congregation one million Naira each, those that will mismanage it and marry another wife or spend it in the club will still remain poor.

The musician is doing a job.

Otherwise, go and stream her music and let her go to where her talent will be appreciated.

Let their church choir sing for their church and leave her the hell alone!

The lazy and selfish servant hid his only talent in the ground.

His master was angry with him.

He collected the talent and gave it to the servant who doubled his five talents into ten because he sabi work.

Na pésin wey sabi im work dem dey pay N10m and more weda na for inside church or inside club.

Na gospel musician nor sabi chop life abi?

Pastor and congregation, ona nor well!

There is no difference in the requirements of a musician.

Gospel and secular musicians need to look great by wearing quality clothes, doing nice hair, living in nice houses and driving beautiful vehicles.

They pay bills - transportation, housing, power, etc.

They pay the same fee as secular artists to record their music in the music studio, shoot their music videos, promote their music, hire instrumentalists and backup singers, etc.

Thus, whether you are a gospel or secular artist, a music producer and video director do not care. The fees are the same.

Gospel musicians are even supposed to start charging music performance royalties from churches whose choir ministers with an artist's songs on Sundays and every other day.

Go and ask why foreign gospel musicians are richer.

When you invite Don Moen, Kirk Franklin and others to Nigeria, ṣé na peanuts ona dey take bring dem from dia kontiri?

You go even lodge them for five-star hotel.

Nigerian churches, ona dey play!

So, if you are looking for poor gospel musicians in Nigeria, maybe you may find them in Burkina Faso or Togo but not anymore in Nigeria.

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