Tuesday 27 June 2023

Gender Discrimination in the Nigerian Music Industry - A Musician's Reflection

On Day 5, Saturday, June 24, 2023, I presented a paper at the Lagos Studies Association Conference at the University of Lagos on the topic of Gender Discrimination in the Nigerian Music Industry: A Musician's Reflection. 

I decided to convert my conference speech into a journal. Below is my abstract. Also, click on the journal image below to purchase it at N1,200. 


With the gendering of popular culture, the music industry has become sexualized, politicized and controlled by male music business executives hence creating an absence of self-esteem, self-respect, self-realization and career dissatisfaction among female musicians that automatically disenables the treatment of these women with fairness, justice and representation as ingenious artists, thoughtful composers, critical commenters on socio-political issues and above all, humans with their own emotions, feelings and flaws. This paper proffers solutions on how female musicians can navigate the music industry on their own terms in a society that sees the female body as a toy and lesser performer before it sees her creative abilities. The primary sources of data used in this research are based on the writer’s personal experiences as a musician and disc jockey and from answers gotten from chatting with three anonymous female musicians. The secondary sources of data are derived from blogs, podcasts and journals which focus on the experiences of nine female musicians namely: Queen Oladunni Decency, Salawa Abeni, Onyeka Onwenu, Waje, Simi, Tiwa Savage, Niniola, Niyola and Yemi Alade. DJ Irawo’s experiences also reveal that some of the problems experienced by female musicians are self-inflicted or caused by nature. This study concludes that feminism must play a role in encouraging female musicians to have self-esteem and strive for longevity in their careers by working hard and smart, independently and collaboratively in the achievement of their music goals.

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