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Wednesday 8 February 2023


From left to right: Peter Okoye of PSquare, Peter Obi and Seun Kuti

During an interview with an online platform, Mic On, hosted by Channel's TV host, Ṣeun Okinbaloye, Seun Kuti said that it is only the people of Nigeria that can save Nigeria. 

For those who do not know him, Ṣeun Kuti is one of Fela Anikulapo Kuti's sons.

He went on to state that Peter Obi cannot save the country as the Labour Party's candidate because he is an opportunist. 

He said, "He hasn't the time because he started too late. You cannot be telling me that just because you lost PDP primaries eighteen months before the election, you suddenly started a movement and you have a plan for the country. 

'No, that is opportunism and it is not an opportunist that will deliver Nigeria—not jumping on Labour Party. 

'The Labour Party has a socialist structure. 

Peter Obi is a capitalist. Where are they going?”

However, reacting to the saxophonist’s remark, Paul Okoye of PSquare known to be a staunch supporter of Peter Obi, fired back saying that Seun Kuti has ‘just erased his father’s history’.

In a Twitter post, Okoye wrote, “Dude just keep quiet! So, so, disappointed! Dude just erased his fathers History! 

'You said only the people of Nigeria can save Nigeria! Is PO and the rest of the candidates not the Nigerian people?…. 


Seun Kuti went on to say, “The people that are going through the pain of this country are the ones that can solve the problem of this country not the one that are causing the pain or benefitting from it.

'Ṣé after PSquare don do enough shows for all the rich men and politicians of this country, na today Peter wan dey tell me say him know what is good for Nigeria?

'We that we abstained from that scene, we refused to condone, we refused to bow, we refused to sing any song we dem go like. No politician can hear any of my songs and smile."

P-square replied him:

"We PSQUARE have never campaigned for any Presidential candidates before now except for PETER OBI.

'Did we perform for President Buhari during his inauguration in 2015 YES. 

He was already the President! GO AND VERIFY.

'My late Father was a nobody but today everyone knows the OKOYES. Dude, try removing “KUTI” from your name let me see if you are relevant.

'Remain in that your Local SHRINE while people like us and others continue excelling Globally. YOU CAN’T SHAME THE SHAMELESS.

'You had no music career in the first place. All you do is brag about your family background.”

Dem don dey fight since o!

Paul Oloye don support im brother. 

PSquare fall my hand ṣá because that shrine is not local. 

Fans of the Kutis come from all over the world to watch top-notch performances there. 

I have been there several times. 

Anyway, Buhari wey we give time to plan after contesting four times, wetin e take the time do?

It is like he was using his time to plan how to destroy this country patapata!

Abek, na di pésin wey get short time to plan, na im we want now.   

Portable don support Ṣeun Kuti.

Portable is dragging PSquare to revive their dead music career.

Dat weed wey him and Seun dey smoke nor dey give dem sense. 

Dude needs to keep quiet because ọba mẹ́wàá, ìgbà mẹ́wàá ló ni ilé ayé, ẹnìkan ò lè lo ilé ayé gbó!

The musician's shine rotates.

It does not stay on one musician forever. 

As one musician is shining today, another is shining tomorrow. 

Yesterday, it was Burna Boy's turn to collect the Grammy. 

Today, it is Tems' turn. 

Tomorrow, it will be my turn. 😄😋🎉🏆🎖

Me, I am not supporting any of them because they are all musicians like me. I do not care for differences in tribes. So, I will speak as a neutral Nigerian.

You see ehn.....we are not saying that Peter Obi is a Messiah or angel o!

We are saying wípé from all of the leading candidates, he is the best so far. 

He is the one that can take us away from the worser than worstest of the worst position that we are in right now. 

Later, we can be looking at whether he is also an opportunist or not. 

Let bicycle carry me away from a dog (poverty, inflation, hunger, joblessness) that is chasing me. 

When I reach where my Mercedes Benz is parked, I will drive home in one piece and in peace. 

When somebody has a running stomach and wants to use the toilet, walai, you will not check whether the toilet is clean or not before you use it. 

Na after you don kaká finish you go check am say, "Chai! Na so dis toilet detty reach?!"

Na the level wey we find awasef be dat right now for Naija.  

Even Peter Obi visited Seun's elder brother, Femi Kuti. 

Peter Obi was well received by Femi. 

It does not matter whether Femi will vote for any candidate and even if he votes, it does not mean that he will vote for Peter Obi but he behaved like a gentleman and received 

Peter Obi properly. 

Na sense dem dey take do dis tin. 

So, if Ṣeun Kuti at forty years of age cannot bring a solution and a better candidate whom we should vote for, I suggest that he keeps quiet. 

This country must have a new leader by May, 2023. 

Seun don start wahala now. If korekt kasala burst, e go jápa to the abroading to go and compose anoda song about bä.d Nigêriän leaders and get nominated again for another Grammy when he cannot even provide a single solution to the problems that he sings about but to condemn the small structure wey beta Nigerians manage to put together. 

First it was Brymo. Now, it is you. Yorùbá needs to ronú positively. 

Nor dey cause confusion balablu-bulaba in the Townhall. 

There should be no tribalism in this matter because the problems that we are currently facing is affecting every freaking Nigerian tribe!

We all do different genres of music. 

Seun Kuti's genre of music is conscious music; to make people think and readjust their ways with respect to politics, economy and humanity. 

PSquare's music is about love and happiness. 

We need love and happiness to prevent anxiety, depression and commission of suicide.

As musicians, we can play for anybody. 

It is a calling.

It is also a job. 

If Àgbàdo Nation or Atiku invites PSquare to come and perform  even though they are campaigning for Peter Obi, walai, they can perform and heaven must not fall!

Nobody wrote any constitution for any musician for who they should and should not perform for. 

Maybe Ṣeun Kuti is afraid that Nigeria will get better and then he will have nothing to sing about again 😄😄


......he will collaborate with Psquare to sing about love, peace and happiness in a better Nigeria. 

Time will tell.